What Is CRM? An Introduction to CRM Software

Learning cloud-based CRM solutions for higher education might seem tricky, but it’s easier than you might think. In this video, we’ll provide an overview and an introduction to cloud-based CRM solutions for higher education, so you can feel confident the next time you need to use online admission software for higher education.

CRM refers to customer relationship management. While it may seem strange to talk about customers when referring to college students, it’s necessary to use the best CRM for higher education because students are technically customers buying into the type of education your school has to offer.

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The objective of CRM is to strengthen relationships with customers to retain them and keep them happy. The best CRM for universities can be used by multiple different people to locate potential students, retain the student body, and more.

CRM collects crucial customer data across all channels, which guarantees the university has everything they need to know about their students so they can adapt their marketing techniques and offerings, which can help to improve student satisfaction, which ultimately retains the number of students on campus. CRM also excels at creating a single database that makes that data readily available for any staff that needs it.


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