best processor for home server

Keeping Your Ultimate Home Server Safe and Secure

Many gamers and homeowners around the globe have made investments in their own low power home servers. You can use these servers to provide a functioning server for clients or to play games such as Ark: Survival Evolved, Rust or Minecraft. Server hosting comes with a lot of responsibility, starting from the moment you decide to host one. Although it is not difficult to convert an old computer into a functioning server, it takes dedication.

You want to make sure your home server is secure after you have completed this project. This video will share some tips and tricks to help you protect your home server’s privacy. Some of the important information you will learn is what is the best processor for home server. Choosing the best processor for home server can ensure your server is secure and working at its optimal level.

Many people buy home servers to protect their privacy. This privacy could be compromised if they bring the low power home server up and make a mistake. The home server owner suggests that hosts only open ports that they are required, which is mainly 80, 443, 1194. CloudFlare is recommended by the owner of the low power home server server. This service provides DNS and DDOS protection. These services usually offer free SSLs and firewalls. To prevent data loss, make sure you have a backup of your server.

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